Do not mistake activity for results. ELA uses a performance based, “straight to the results” approach to targeting new direct investment. ELA delivers in all aspects of the investment attraction process from foreign direct investment, appointment setting, target industry analysis & profiles, company generation, to outreach programs. Win investment!

Foreign Direct Investment
Looking for investment from North America. ELA has proven success in identifying outbound investment from the USA and setting face-to-face appointments with potential investors. Quality appointments are guaranteed!

Appointment Setting
ELA will, via telephone, set face-to-face meetings between with the decision maker(s) of the growing companies in your target industry sectors and geographies. As always, appointments are guaranteed.


Target Company Analysis & Profiling
Verify and validate your existing industry targets and match attributes and ingredients with desirable and feasible industry targets to identify development opportunities. Desirability and feasibility are based on compatibility factors, competitive advantages, and the current business environment and trends. Establish working definitions of your key industry sectors, as well as, identify, define, and articulate the characteristics of the target audience.

Company Generation
Sales and employment growth matters. ELA will calculate individual growth performance with specific companies, tracking changes in employee and financial numbers to document each company’s “growth footprint”. These employment and financial datasets of will then be analyzed to develop a “high-impact” list.

Outreach Programs
ELA has the focus, energy, and organizational savvy to build and maintain relationships on your behalf over time. Build your pipeline and ensure no opportunity is lost.

ELA will professionally represent your organization nurturing and prioritizing investment opportunity.