Ernest Lorraine

What is Ernest Lorraine Associates?
Ernest Lorraine Associates (ELA) partners with economic development and trade related organizations to identify and articulate core competencies and growth opportunities by leveraging existing assets and creating new relationships that distinguish and create competitive advantages in the global marketplace.
Joel D. Burgess (Principal) has managed a diverse portfolio of more than 50 market research and/or investment attraction initiatives, both domestic and international, in the economic development, real estate, energy, and corporate sectors.
Recently, ELA has worked with Invest Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), Entergy Louisiana (Baton Rouge), & Greater New Orleans.
ELA is also the USA representative for the International Business Group (IBG). IBG is an association of private commercial consulting firms with offices in 20 countries, and sub-offices in another five.  IBG covers more than 100 country markets. IBG has completed export assistance projects for over 25,000 different companies and represents many corporate, national and sub-national entities engaged in export and investment assistance globally.  IBG's approach is sales driven, based on what works in the global business environment.

Why Ernest Lorraine Associates?
ELA is always motivated by tangible results. Call and ask about our investment attraction results guarantee.

Who is Ernest Lorraine?
Ernest Lorraine Burgess is my grandfather. Grandpa was a sibling to 13, loving husband for 65 years, father to 10, grandfather to 30, and great-grandfather to 27 and counting.
The company is named in his memory.